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Packaging Tapes

Secure Your Shipments in Style With Custom Packaging Tape
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Custom Packaging Tape

Combine impeccable branding with strength and security. Custom packaging tape ensures that your packages arrive sealed and safe while putting branding front and center at the same time. Each roll is made of white reinforced paper material. Once moistened and applied, the water activated tape will bond to the cardboard box. The synthetic fibers woven inside the tape guarantees strong adhesion and tamper resistance.

Using Water Activated Packaging Tape

On its own, water activated tape or gummed tape won’t stick to anything. Once moistened, the adhesive will bond to the carton’s surface, creating a powerful, durable bond that can endure the rigors of shipping. Since the packaging tape is bonded to the box material, it provides some tamper resistance as well.

For high-volume packaging, we recommend using a dispenser that automatically applies water to the tape. For manual use, here’s a short guide on how you can use water activated tape:

  1. Measure the length of tape you need to use. Cut using scissors or a box cutter.
  2. Using a damp sponge, moisten the non-printed side of the tape.
  3. Carefully apply the packaging tape on the cardboard box, applying pressure as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What material is the tape made of?

Our packaging tape is made of white reinforced paper with a water-activated adhesive.  It is best used on cartons and other paper based packaging. The material is also popularly known as gummed or kraft paper tape. 

Q: How do I apply custom packaging tape?

For high volume applications, you will save time by using a water-activated tape dispenser. If you are sealing only a few packages at a time, simply moisten the non-printed side of the tape with a wet sponge and apply. 

Q: How strong is the tape?

The fiberglass reinforcement allows you to seal packages as heavy as 30 lbs. Once the tape is dry, it forms a permanent bond and cannot be removed without leaving a trace of tampering, which is why it is the preferred tape for e-commerce businesses. 

Q: Can I upload just my logo to order tape?

Yes, just select a background color and your preferred logo orientation and we will take care of the layout for you. We'll send you an online proof to check and approve before we print. 

Customer Reviews
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Excellent customer service! May 23, 2024 by Berthine West
“Excellent customer service! Great product! Packola went above and beyond to ensure that I was a happy customer. Thank you!”
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Wonderful customer service May 23, 2024 by Annie Strate
“Wonderful customer service and the product is everything I hoped for. Thank you!”
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The product came out amazing! May 23, 2024 by Fitpals
“The product came out exactly how we wanted and it came in a nice timely manner. We are happy with our order and will be placing another in the near future!”
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Great Experience May 23, 2024 by Anastasiya
“Loved our experience with Packola! They were fast, easy to work with, and produced an amazing product for us.”
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Packola is awesome May 23, 2024 by Daniel Austrino
“Packola is awesome, they are super nice, they go above and beyond and they ensure your order will be exactly what you want. And they follow up with you, they know how to run a good business.”
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The team was easy to work with. May 23, 2024 by Glenn - York County Ale Trail
“The team was easy to work with. They ensured the assets were of the quality to make our product look great and it arrived early!”
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The web site is amazing and easy May 23, 2024 by Ralph Peterson
“The web site is amazing and easy. The final product is amazing!”